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More about Kathy. . .

Kathy Lohrum Cotton is a southern Illinois poet and editor. Her work appears in literary journals, magazines, anthologies and as exhibits of poetry combined with art. Her first publishing contract, at age 25, also created national marketing for her poems  as greeting cards and posters.

    Kathy is the author of a 2020 poetry collection, Common Ground; a full-color, illustrated poetry book, Deluxe Box of Crayons; plus two earlier chapbooks.

Since retirement, she has also edited and designed dozens of books for nonprofit organizations and other authors.
In support of the art of poetry,  Kathy is a board member of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and has served as editor for three of the Federation’s annual prize-winning poetry books. She is also a board member of the Illinois State Poetry Society and facilitates the ISPS Southern Chapter.

Kathy grew up in a loving home, the second of five children. She has a son who is a gifted photographer and craftsman; a daughter-in-law with a stellar fresh-food restaurant; and three truly exceptional grandchildren. 

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