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chapbooks, anthologies, collections & collaborations

Why are books still a time-honored way to share poetry? Prolific author jacob erin-cilberto, who has published 22 poetry collections, writes, "There is nothing like cradling an actual book in our hands, turning real pages, breathing in the scent of the paper and print and having a keepsake to place on our shelf after reading." See erin-cilberto's books at

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Collections, 30 to 100 poems

Two of Kathy's books, Common Ground and the full-color illustrated volume, Deluxe Box of Crayons, are used as fundraisers for organizations she supports. All proceeds are currently donated to a chapter of P.E.O., a philanthropic educational organization providing scholarships and other benefits to women.


With or without a theme, a collection of poems by varied authors is a good poetry-sharing project. Kathy annually creates Encore, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS) anthology of prize-winning poems. Fresh Ink and Distilled Lives are examples of her edited collections for Illinois State Poetry Society. Where We Walk and The First Six Months by ISPS Southern Chapter members are among themed anthologies that Kathy designed to include news clips and photographs to enhance poetry.

Chapbooks, Up to 30 poems

These shorter and often themed collections give extra publication potential to both the author with a limited selection and poets who find in their large stash some small, cohesive sets of poems. Along with her own two chapbooks, Kathy created these featured collections for college students whose work had won national awards.


Co-write a multi-author poetry book. Michael Scott and Kathy, poets who had never met, collected the 59 poems of Synergy across a year of emails. They selected each new poem's theme and format, then alternated additions until it "felt" complete. The poems are printed with two slightly varied fonts to identify the contributing author. Synergy also includes photos and original artwork.

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