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More Poetry on Public Walls

art shows, poetry month displays & ekphrastic events

"Many people might not even consider reading poetry unless the art first attracts them to it," writes Charlotte Digregorio, whose vast service to promoting poetry includes "illustrated solo poetry exhibits 365 days a year in libraries, galleries, corporate buildings, hospitals, convention centers and other venues." See her bio and daily blog at:


Consider, too, the non-concrete walls of online media. Chicago's P2 Collective shares their "Spoken Exhibition" of poetry and photography on YouTube, where videos of spoken-word poets also find an extended audience. 


Art Exhibits

In addition to gallery shows combining Kathy's poetry and collage art, she has created exhibits focused on various poetry forms, such as haiga and book-spine poems.  One of Kathy's favorite exhibits, Cotton + Cotton, displayed professional photography by her son and poetry/collage art by Kathy in the same venue.


Poetry Month Displays

Check for exhibits in April, a time when poetry is especially welcomed. The two library display case photos below show annual Poetry Month collections featuring poems by members of the ISPS group Kathy facilitates.


Ekphrastic Events

Poetry and visual arts inspire each other in ekphrastic projects. Poets receive digital photos of art selections and respond with poems. Or, artists may request poems and respond by creating art to compliment the writing. A gallery exhibit, typically combined with opening-night readings by the poets, is a good social event that gets more poetry into the world and strengthens connections between visual and word artists.

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